Sunday, June 24, 2012

Video : Animated Plastic awareness student film

Credit to pacadanimation 

 This animated movie is a student project of CIPET [Plastic Engg.] final year students: Srideb Satpathy Mihir Ku. Padhi Swagat Sourav Subashis Mohanty Rajesh Roshan The film is Animated By Sarat Ku. Moharana & Satyasundar Moharatha and produced at PACAD Animation Studio;


The inflow of plastics in today to use in multiple forms and ways has replaced metal, paper board, leather and rubber etc...No doubt plastics materials have by now gone in to bone narrow of the society and claim its aggressive indispensability. It's acclaimed that life without plastic is a dream. But there goes on regular murmur arising out of misconception and there is any we have to remember the popular slogan "There is no rose without a thorn'' .plastics is a welcome inflow and be keen on waste management. The growing misconception about plastic and their use, has to be warded off simply by adhering to scientific waste management skill and the technology .The clamour against plastic due to our improper and careless use of the materials and throwing away the broken and mutilated bits of plastics .Atomic energy is an indispensable boon but its use in form of atomic bomb threatens the existence of the world.

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