Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Video : USE LESS PLASTIC to Save Our Oceans

Credit to takepart 

 Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today, and much of this plastic has traveled from our hands to our oceans. The most important thing you can do is use less plastic. 
Join the Blue movement and sign the plastic pledge at SaveMyOceans.com.
Director: Mariana Blanco 
Animator: Sol Linero 
Production Co: Hoodablah - hoodablah.com 
 Song: Pot Kettle Black 
Written by Kianna Alarid, Neely Jenkins, Derek Pressnall, Jamie Lynn Pressnall & Nicholas White Performed By Tilly and the Wall Courtesy Of Team Love Records By Arrangement With Bank Robber Music Brought to you by www.takepart.com
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