Saturday, April 25, 2015

Koleksi Video Percambahan Biji Benih

Epigeal germination climbing bean time lapse
Credit link :
Credit : Neil Bromhall (Youtube account)

[Time-Lapse] Mung Bean Germination

Credit link :
Credit : memocrono (Youtube account)

Time lapse of mung bean germination process. Took about 3 and half days.

Mung Bean seeds sprouting, HD Timelapse

Credit : Will Hall (Youtube account)

HD timelapse of mung bean seeds sprouting. Shot by the science technicians of Reigate college, UK over aprox 10 days with a canon powershot A590 and CHDK firmware with ultra intervalometer script
Time Lapse of Pea Shoot / Root Growth

Credit : mortrek (Youtube account)

Time-lapse of a pea plant growing from seed, showing both the shoot and root system. Late in the video, the plant loses its water supply and wilts/desiccates, but bounces back once water is re-added.
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